2020 Plan Year

Hi! It’s me, Alex, your personal Benefits Counselor, and we have things we need to discuss! If you are a new hire, had a category change, or had a Family Status Change, check out what you’re eligible for by going to Employee Self Service. Don’t forget your Y# (your TSS ID). You’re going to need that to log in. You can access Employee Self Service when you’re not at work, too, at!* It’s very easy to share insurance plan options with your family this way. I can also help you learn how to save money on your taxes.

Remember, I don’t make your elections for you. There is a 31 day window after your hire date, category change, or Family Status Change to elect coverage through eBenefits. In eBenefits you will find the rates to all of your medical and dental plan options plus all the other plans we’re going to discuss like: Basic Life Insurance, Supplemental Life Insurance, life insurance for your spouse and/or child(ren), disability income program and personal accident coverage. You’ll find the link to eBenefits on my page in Employee Self Service, so come on by and let’s get acquainted.

See you soon!
Love, Alex


*When you log into eBenefits away from work, you’ll need a different password than the one you use on a work computer. If you’ve forgotten the password, follow the instructions on the page to reset it.

To find the plan(s) available to you, enter the 5-digit ZIP code of your home address:

If you are living in Puerto Rico, enter your ZIP code. If you are living outside of the U.S. (including Guam), find more information here.


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